• August 3, 2022

These 7 trees can withstand the drought

  You often go on holiday for a long time during the summer holidays or do not want to water your trees every time? Then read on about these 7 trees that can withstand drought well. We are increasingly dealing with dry summers. Not all trees for this fun, some species even die from dehydration.…

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These hedge plants do well in the shade

  Autumn is coming again. The time to plant hedge plants. This article is about hedge plants suitable for shady areas, such as north-facing gardens or gardens where the sun can shine for less than 4 hours. Fortunately, some hedge varieties also do well in the shade. We have listed the 11 most beautiful shade…

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What is the difference between Hydrangeas and Plume Hydrangeas?

The hydrangea has been the number one most popular garden plant in the Netherlands for many years. Logical because there are so many different types, colors and sizes. The locations and flowering periods also differ greatly from each other, which ensures something for everyone. The different hydrangeas are often confused with each other, in this…

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