• August 2, 2022

These hedge plants do well in the shade


Autumn is coming again. The time to plant hedge plants. This article is about hedge plants suitable for shady areas, such as north-facing gardens or gardens where the sun can shine for less than 4 hours. Fortunately, some hedge varieties also do well in the shade. We have listed the 11 most beautiful shade hedge plants for you.

Privet hedge (forest planting stock, evergreen)

Yew hedge (slow growing, so low maintenance)

Prunus laurel hedge, do form a wider hedge

Ivy (Hedera) can proliferate strongly, also possible on steel screen for very narrow hedge shape

Thuja hedge, popular conifers, evergreen and strong hedge conifer.

Beech hedge, choose from red or green. Note that the Carpinus is deciduous but rather green again, the Fagus has brown leaves in winter and partly in spring.

Hawthorn hedge, fits well with a rural look such as a farm or barn house

Japanese Holly Ilex (boxwood alternative) is evergreen
Olive willow, fragrant and evergreen in winter, also thrives in the wind, near the sea and near salt. Gray with green leaves.

Bamboo species such as the non-invasive Fargesia Obelisk bamboo hedge and Red Zebra (also evergreen)
Gloss Medlar Red Robin, evergreen and bright red flowers

Additional tips to watch out for

Please note, each variety has its own requirements in terms of soil type and annual fertilization. In addition to the type of soil, also pay attention to whether you have dry or wet strips for your hedges. Some plants can handle this better than others. Don’t like maintenance? Then choose slow-growing varieties. Also, choose a hedge plant that matches the style of your garden. A hawthorn hedge fits well with a rural barn house and a beech hedge or yew in a modern residential area. Do you have plants next to your hedge? Then choose shady border plants that match your hedge. Provide contrast in leaf colour, leaf shape and inflorescence and flower colour. Then your hedge will stand out nicely against your borders. Yarinde’s experts are happy to help you with a custom design.

Better time to plant in the fall than in the spring

Did you know that fall is actually an even better time to plant your hedge plants? The plants then go into hibernation (a kind of hibernation) and therefore have a better chance of storage. Spring seems to be a better time, but the sudden heat and drought can give the hedge plant quite a blow.

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