• August 3, 2022

These 7 trees can withstand the drought


You often go on holiday for a long time during the summer holidays or do not want to water your trees every time? Then read on about these 7 trees that can withstand drought well. We are increasingly dealing with dry summers. Not all trees for this fun, some species even die from dehydration. Therefore, it is preferable to choose trees that have also grown in our nature or are native to our country. These plants are often more resistant to prolonged drought.

For (compact) gardens we have selected the following trees for you, all of which are drought resistant:

1. American currant tree – grows compactly, also flowers beautifully in spring, has beautiful leaves and birds love the currant fruits. So a good choice. Available with us as a standard tree and as a multi-stem tree/shrub.

2. Pinus Pine species – Pines are drought resistant. Such as the Scots Den and Austrian Den. These conifers look beautiful in a beach garden or solitary in the middle of your garden. Also parasol-shaped Pinus sylvestris available from us for extra protection against the sun.

3. Juniper – it’s not really a tree of course, but this stinging, conifer-like, narrow shrub tolerates periods of drought very well. Those looking for a small tree can also think of the Italian cypress.

4. Honey locust ‘Sunburst’ – beautiful compact tree that blooms insanely beautiful. This garden tree can reach a maximum height of 10 meters.

5. Plane Platanus Hispanica – for those who are really looking for a large tree with beautiful bark

6. Acer Campestre Field Maple – can be pruned both as a tree and as a hedge. Beautiful leaf shape

7. Birch Tree Betula Pendula – this drooping weeping birch does not struggle over long periods of time without rain. Several other birch species also tolerate drought well.

Other tips are to create a raised edge around your trees so that you can water them easily without all the water running off right away. You can also ask neighbors or family and friends to water the plants during your holiday. Another tip is to choose species that also grow in our nature reserves. These are better able to withstand our climate and the prolonged drought. These plants are called woodland plants. Discover all types of Bosplantsoen here.

Extra tips for everyone with a dry garden soil
Choose as much as possible for varieties that are suitable for the dry soil. These trees therefore also combine well with a ready-to-use border package – dry soil. In addition, you can improve the soil, so that the water is retained better and longer. When planting trees, always use planting soil for trees. This improves water housing and immediately ensures healthy rooting.

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